the puka family the big family of gods lets explainit shall i?

the digits all corrispond to a date kinda i explained this in puka1611 page so read that im lazy

this family of gods is huge for refrence newest puka to be born quote unquote is puka89623890214609324800981123589... yip a generation of pukas is born quote unquote after a universes end well not exactly the universe where a puka resides in doesnt get destroyed what they usually do is they wait sit back watch for any cool supernovas or watch some people get along like hes watching an anime and when theres only black holes and stuff in the universe no stars no life they look into the future to see what happens. if nothing they just rewind time and live on a planet with complex life and also the amount of universes that exist but not (ill explain that later) is 10*5^3^3^3^3^1611111^6734509*10 which is like huge and also each puka has its own universe

the universes what did i mean by the amount of universes that exist but not? well heres the awnser basically if you try to time travel to see another generation of puka it wont work with dimensional travel you can only go to the universes of the brothers of your puka so if your puka is 1711 you cant go to 1611 because of the reasons i stated earlier but you can still go to them with timensional travel just a way of saying moving through time and dimensions at the same time

how strong are pukas well they're stronger than your usually god in religoun thats for sure there not gods of the sun theyre gods of the universe so basically all of them are on a planet level of strength but they do vary from strength mainly pukas from the 1st 9 generation are very strong 1611 is the strongest and usaully the younger the weaker thats all for the family have fun