the ackkerman family straight out of aot and into my mind its diffrent this time the ackkerman family isnt as old as the puka family but it started in the 4th century so older than most the ackkerman are decendes of the ecchi family that broke off a long time ago now it being the ackkermen and the malarians 

the ackkermen and malarians fought long and hard in the shadows off war every new war new weapons more dead family members the ackkermen won in the 20th centruy in the first world war in the second they helped push back the germans currenttly all the members off the ackkerman family are

  • levi ackkerman (yes him) male 40 years old
  • ____ ackkerman didnt have time to get a name from thier parents due to she being born in 3 months not 9 female 16 years old
  • rin ackkerman scientist smarter then the rest but not as strong female 12-14 years old unidentified
  • len ackkerman the same a rin just male 12-14 years old unidentified
  • shiranui ackkerman 5 years old but acautlly 4217 years old female 4217 years old
  • may ackkerman 17-18 years old female
  • april ackkerman no strength whatso ever but very logistic (top player in strategy games) female 17-18 years old built the giant juggernaunt of blimp the mayship
  • super kirby gender unidenified has been buffed a whole lot age 3 years old genetically made by rin and len
  • jiggilypuff also buffed explodes mountains when resting propably female 1.5 years old genetically made by rin and len

how strong are ackkerman? strong they can pick up cars with a bit of trouble and if not all of them are masters of aerial combat and ground combat shiranui is a ninja master that can run at 1.2/km a second at top speed levi has deadly laser/sniper rifle weapon that can pierce through 18 cm of pure steel going at 10 times the speed of normal bullets may has a giant ancher from a ship that she is a master at weilding she can swing it as fast as a sword and if someone trys to block with a sword not gonna happen theres a big diffrence between weight and strenght super kirby has every buffed versions of his normal abilitys like fire he can now put like 5 buildings at a time on fire and jiggilypuff can accelerate to 5/km a second in the air and can explode a city if she rests for a bit